Individual Wealth Management

It’s your story, your life and your finances.

We take a snapshot in time so we can paint your picture.  As life changes, so does your financial situation - so we take new snapshots and update your picture.  Our Path process reviews your current wealth status and finds ways to improve it.


A house built on a poor foundation is not something you would purchase right?
Well, the same applies to your financial situation - understanding your full financial foundation is essential. We explore your story so we understand your needs and expectations.


If you were to take a sightseeing trip would you do it at night? Most people go through life preferring to stay in the dark about their financial situation. When do you spend more money, during the week or on weekends? What does retirement look like to you, a weekday or a lot of weekends? Are you prepared? We help you define your vision, your goals and timelines.


How many stories have we heard of the poor person who sold the farm only to discover it was sitting on an oil field? Our analysis is designed to help find your opportunities.


Have you ever overcome a fear only to find you were liberated and excited that you conquered it? Providing you with solutions, integrated strategies and helping you find money you might be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily is what we specialize in.


It’s so easy to stop doing the things that are good for us, like going to the gym or eating healthy all the time. It’s the same way with your finances, it’s so easy to lose track of what you should be doing financially. That’s why we provide an ongoing review of your progress and modify your plan as circumstances change.


Investment Opportunities


Estate Transfer


Mortgages & Lines of Credit


Debt Management


Tax Exposure


Spending Plans


Your Vision for the Future


Family Protection