Our mission is to create financial peace of mind for individuals and business owners.
We do this by educating, empowering and guiding you in your financial life.

Our Vision is to be the leader in wealth management services, systems and solutions.
Improving the financial wellbeing of individuals and businesses manifests into a
better community, economy and sustainability.

We do this because we see debt is growing per household, cash flow is out of control,
small businesses are failing and retirement goals are not being met.

John & Stacey’s Story

We recognize that there is an unmistakable variance between providing professional investment advice and selling products. Acting in the best interests of our clients is always a top priority for us.

Our Path2Wealth team takes a universal approach to interpret and translate your goals into workable solutions. With over 45 years of combined financial and insurance expertise, our goal is to help individuals and business owners excel at attaining their financial wealth goals.

We have access to an expansive assortment of investment and insurance solutions and planning tools. Our team provides our clients with quality services and access to our unique Path system, and will provide you with options and services most beneficial to helping you achieve your personal and business goals.

We serve clients across Southwestern Ontario, with offices in Guelph and London.

Meet our Path Team

John Aarssen

Executive Wealth Advisor

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John turned his hand to the financial sector after 25 years of success in business management. Now, with nearly 35 years of combined experience, John’s clients are secure in his knowledge base and his strategic planning ability. There are no cookie cutter answers in John’s portfolio, each client receives individual attention and recommendations based on their specific circumstances.

John excels in his ability to look at the big picture, to help people prioritize, organize and put their plans into perspective. He creates a climate where clients are enthusiastic about their wealth management choices and responsibilities. He replaces questions with solutions and provides comprehensive outlines of various products. His clients are given the time they need to be confident and comfortable with their personally prepared strategy. It makes good sense. Taking the right steps to reach your financial security should allow you to put your feet up and relax.

Getting the facts, understanding the challenges and then taking action are the keys to getting what you want. From the start of his life in business, John learned how important it is to continue learning. John discovers what is relevant for his clients and what will deliver the required results.

Stacey Aarssen

Executive Wealth Advisor

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At the age of 10, Stacey had moved 10 times. Her Dad was a caring giving man, but he didn’t have the financial choice to build the stability she was yearning for as a child. His job drove his life, which meant moving his family to a different city every year. The arguments between her parents were primarily around money. Once her Dad realized his job was driving his life, he started his own business. Being an entrepreneur can be an on-going battle if you don’t have your finances in order.

This integral part of Stacey’s past is one of the reasons she strives to empower financial literacy so others can drive their life to financial abundance.

When you don’t have the financial stability it affects every part of your life, but if you have financial abundance you control every part of your life.

Stacey began her career as a financial advisor in 2005. After spending 25 years in a family business in retail clothing, she wanted to become more active in helping people with their finances through education and plan development. Stacey is a partner with Path2Wealth and their first priority is protecting assets, maximizing tax efficiencies and ensuring retirement plans are in place.

Stacey has been featured on ProvinceWide with Daiene Vernile, Living Health with Dr. Phil McAllister and been involved with several groups presenting financial literacy.

Stacey is an active member of her community belonging to many groups and associations, Chamber of Commerce: Guelph, Guelph General Hospital Planned Giving Committee, Lakeside church to name a few.

She is a mother of three grown daughters and married to her best friend and partner in business John for 30 years. Stacey is deeply devoted to her family and loves to spend time skiing, hiking, reading and golfing.

Stacey Aarssen is empowering success every day!

Todd Gillick

Executive Wealth Advisor

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Todd is an experienced financial services professional with more than 20 years of experience in the financial investment industry. He is known for his direct and personal leadership style, which focuses on seeing others succeed.

Todd is responsible for creating long-term value for his team and clients. He is also responsible for establishing and providing support to a high quality professional team of advisors focused on the client experience, as well as, developing strategic business relationships and investment opportunities.

Throughout his career, Todd has developed a strong network of industry professionals and business partners. He is known for his passion, industry knowledge and ability to strategically drive growth. He has held leadership roles at some of the fastest growing and leading financial investment companies in Canada.

Todd has a Bachelor of Administration Degree from Lakehead University. He also has continued his professional development throughout his career and is a member of numerous professional associations. Todd has also devoted time to many civic causes and community fundraising.


Official Greeter

Our youngest and furriest employee, Dexter is our team mascot, greeter and comforter. This Bichon Frise occupies a special place in our hearts and the hearts of our clients. He never gets tired of hearing "Oh, he's so handsome!" and loves the attention. When not helping with our clients, he loves hiking, playing with his family and being outdoors.