Bank of Canada says financial system to weather rate hike risks.

The Bank of Canada’s No. 2 official stated that the nation’s financial system will be able to withstand increased stability threats brought on by higher interest rates and inflation, which are putting a strain on many people. Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Rogers stated in prepared remarks for a speech delivered in Ottawa that risks for […]
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Why is cash flow important to a small business?

Why is cash flow important to a small business? Since it reveals how much money is actually coming into and going out of your organization, rather than how much you are expecting from accounts receivable, cash flow is crucial for any small business. If your cash flow is positive, you’ll know your earnings outweigh your […]
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Retirement investing: How to make your money endure

Congratulations: it has arrived at last. For most people, retirement is a significant accomplishment. It frequently indicates that you have saved enough cash to stop working and live comfortably without depending on a regular paycheck. Naturally, retirement has varied meanings for many people. Some people see never having to work again and instead living their […]
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Tips for Small Business Cash Flow Management

The entire quantity of money that enters and exits a business is known as the cash flow. It is a crucial sign of how financially sound your company is. You can invest in new prospects, pay expenditures, and expand your firm with a steady, positive cash flow. Consider the following cash flow management techniques: Strategically […]
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Netflix lost 970,000 customers …

In the spring of this year, Netflix lost 970,000 customers, according to its second-quarter report. The corporation has lost more subscribers in a quarter than at any other time in its 25-year history. According to an article on, Netflix shed almost one million subscribers during the spring amid tougher competition and soaring inflation that’s squeezing […]
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How are you saving for retirement?

For the majority of Canadians, saving for retirement is a crucial aspect of financial planning. People need to plan for retirement as funds are not as readily available for basic survival and if you do it correctly, leisure time and entertainment will surpass what earning money and working ever was in importance. Depending on where […]
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